Advanced Course for Dry Ship Operators Dry Vessels Voyage Execution for both V/C & T/C

On the successful completion of this seminar, the candidate will have the technical knowledge required, to serve on a Bulker, as well as to be assigned with specific duties & responsibilities, related to Cargo or Cargo Equipment.

The participant will gain sufficient knowledge, of the practical application of the basic principles & concepts of safe Dry Bulker operations, in order to carry out these duties.

The course focus on :

  1. Process to be followed upon Vsl is fixed
  2. Definitions on C/P & Voyage Instructions to the Master for both Port Operations & Sea Passage
  3. Main terms of C/P & Rider Clauses
  4. Intercommunication with Charterers / Possible Disputes during Cargo Operations
  5. Masters Authority & Responsibilities as per C/P
  1. Monitoring Cargo Operations Both Ends
  2. Selection & Appointment of Agents Both Ends / Proforma Disbursement Accounts
  3. Monitoring of Pea Passage
  4. Bunkers Calculation / Vsl’s Replenishment / Bunkers Quotations
  5. Final Disbursement Accounts Evaluation & Settlement Subject to Original Vouchers

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