Advanced Course for Laytime & Demurrage

The seminar is looking to cover the laytime & demurrage analysis in all kinds of dry and tanker sector by examining the common types of charter parties in the shipping industry.A legal analysis accompanies the calculation in order the participants to have the legal knowledge od the possible disputes after the presentation of claim.The laytime & demurrage calculation will be done with case studies and examples.Copies of the seminar’s notes will be given to participants.

The participant will have gained sufficient knowledge of the practical application of Marine Insurance best practices in order to carry out these duties.

The modules are as following :

  1. The charter party
  2. Analysis of the general clauses of c/p related laytime & demurrage
  3. Definition of terms
  4. The legal approach to terms used in laytime & demurrage
  1. NOR/The “arrived” ship
  2. Late arrival
  3. Commencement of laytime
  4. Shifting
  5. Use of the vessel’s gear
  6. Bad weather
  7. Strikes
  8. Lashing/stowage factors
  9. Termination of laytime/demurrage
  10. Calculation of laytime/demurrage
  1. NOR/The “arrived” ship (Termination of laytime/demurrage)
  2. Pre-arrival/Late arrival (Calculation of laytime/demurrage)
  3. Commencement of laytime
  4. Shifting *Discharging/Excess discharging/COW/
  5. Loading operation Stripping

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