Advanced Course for P & I CLUBS Organization, Structure, Operation & Covers

On the successful completion of this seminar, the candidate will have the technical knowledge required to serve in Marine Insurance & Claims Department and/or P & I Club, as well as to be assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to P & I Clubs.

The participant will have gained sufficient knowledge of the practical application of the basic principles and concepts of Marine Insurance in order to carry out these duties.

The course focus on :

  1. Τhe Marine Insurance Policy
  2. Collision Liabillities (Σύγκρουση)
  3. Structure / Organization
  4. Groups – Types of Cover
  5. Entry of Tonnage
  6. Loss Ratio Evaluation
  7. Articles of Association
  1. Termination of Entry
  2. Premium (Εισφορές μελών)
  3. Financial & Economic Management
  4. Supplementary Calls (Συμπληρωματικό Ασφάλιστρο)
  5. Deductibles (Εκπτώσεις από την Ασφαλιστική Αποζημίωση)
  6. Subrogation (Εκχώρηση Δικαιωμάτων)
  7. Re-insurance (Αντασφάλιση των Οργανισμών)

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