Advanced Course for Vetting Inspection on Tanker Vessels

On the successful completion of this seminar the candidate will have the basic knowledge required in order to understand and go through basic topics of Vetting Inspection matters. The candidate will gain sufficient knowledge of the practical application of the basic principles, in order to handle the preparation of a vetting inspection, how to behave during a vetting inspection and how to close any observations raised by inspectors.

The course focus on :

  1. General description
  2. What is OCIMF / SIRE / Vetting Inspection
  3. What is CDI & General differences from other tanker vessels
  4. Preparation of the vessel
  5. PSC inspections & relation between Vetting / PSC inspection
  6. Effective preparation & Inspector’s perspective
  1. Legal aspects of Oil Major Approvals in tanker charter parties
  2. SIRE Inspection – the moment of truth
  3. Minimum criteria to meet under a SIRE inspection
  4. Tanker Officer Training Standard (TOTS)
  5. Case Studies

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